Saturday or Sunday in the mountains?

What’s you should take in your backpack with you on a trip.  A single day trip into the mountains is a very interesting way of staying active in the fresh air.  If you’re asking yourself is it worth going for one day into the mountains threes nothing to think about.  Especially if you have close access to the mountains.  Even though it’s only a one day trip, it’s worth being prepared.  In your backpack you should have a couple of essential items, which every tourist should have before he sets out into the mountains.

What should be in your backpack when planning a one day trip in the mountains:

  • rain coat (protection from the wind to),
  • hat wear (a hat or scarf),
  • snacks + a chocolate bar is recommended or possibly a energy bar for when your energy drops,
  • an adequate amount of mineral water (it’s the healthiest),
  • camera + batteries,
  • torch (will be useful even if we plan to return before dark, you never know what we may encounter on our trip which may force us to return in the dark),
  • trail map,
  • first-aid kit,
  • reflective strip in our backpack (will be useful so that we can be seen in the dark),
  • power bank (an essential in today’s world, useful when our battery runs flat e.g. in our phone),


Cash (shelters in the mountains typically accept cash payments, only a select few offer electronic payment),

Small shopping bag or plain bag (to collect our rubbish, so not to litter the trails),

If the weather suits and its spring or summer a sunscreen,

Trekking poles (these are helpful when walking in the mountains, the make it easier to climb up and on the walk down),

During the winter in the Beskid mountains and other lower mountains its worth remembering to take track spikes a when in the Tarty mountains ice spikes (you can avoid injuries resulting from slipping).

Before leaving its worth checking the weather in detail.  Clothe yourself in layers and not forget to take comfortable trekking shoes.  If you have room in your backpack, and you expect a long trip back its worth taking a spare pair of shoes to change into.  After a long trek changing out of your trekking boots into a lighter pair will let your feet rest.


Katarzyna Irzeńska

Obserwatorium podróży

– Travel observatory.