AIR BED 213 x 62 cm

Ultralight trekking mattress Spokey AIR BED

  • is extremely light and packed in a handy case – dimensions after folding are only 25x8x8 cm, so it will fit into any bag, backpack or suitcase,
  • provides excellent thermal insulation and incredible sleeping comfort – with it you will feel at home anywhere
  • is a model with an enlarged size (213 × 36 cm) with a special pillow for maximum comfort of rest, as well as support for the head and neck.

Choosing between a mat, sleeping pad and a hiking mattress is a matter of individual preference. The latter is the best choice for people who value the smallest possible load in their backpack. Dimensions of Spokey AIR BED after folding is only 25x8x8 cm! In comparison to self inflating mats and traditional mattresses, when fully packed, it is several times smaller and much lighter, which saves a lot of space. You can easily fit it into any backpack, suitcase or bag. This is the best solution for people who focus on the comfort of rest and the size and weight of the mattress. It will be irreplaceable in the case of one-day excursions, as well as survival and outdoor expeditions.

Extremely handy, ultralight and compact

Spokey AIR BED is an ultralight trekking mattress, which provides excellent insulation from the ground and optimal support for the body. It uses a large number of built-in air chambers, thanks to which the user’s body perfectly adapts to the surface during sleep and stays in the most comfortable position. Once filled with air, you can feel as if you are in your own bed. Its thickness (6 cm) provides excellent insulation from the ground. It is perfect for tenting and camping trips. It is made of waterproof and extremely durable nylon reinforced with a layer of TPU, so it does not conduct cold from the bottom.

Large mattress with a pillow

The AIR BED trekking mattress is an enlarged model (213 x 36 x 6 cm), which thanks to its size allows even very tall travelers to regenerate comfortably. For even greater comfort of sleep and optimal support for the body while resting also affects the special pillow! It provides ideal support for the head and neck.


ultralight trekking mattress
material: 20D/40D nylon covered with TPU
dimensions: 213x62x6 cm
dimensions after folding: 25x8x8 cm
packed in a cover
weight: 595 g

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