Electric treadmill Spokey AURIS

The first e-treadmill in Poland!

The treadmill is an unrivaled fitness machine that not only allows you to shape your figure, but also to improve your condition and strengthen your heart. An electric treadmill is the best personal trainer you can have. Especially if your treadmill will be Spokey AURIS. The first e-treadmill on the Polish market is the best gift you can give to your health! First of all – unique design. The modern, streamlined shape and classic colors will make the treadmill easily adapt to any interior. Its functionality starts at the very beginning. Thanks to the folding option and transport rollers, you can easily place the AURIS in a convenient place for you, and after the training you fold it and save space. The Spokey AURIS treadmill is quality and technology that has never been on the Polish market yet. What does this mean for you as a user? A number of amenities that you will not find in other such equipment!

Innovations you’ll love

A smart band is added to the treadmill, which will be your personal assistant in personalizing your workout. All you have to do is install the GFit app and then pair the smartband with your mobile device. The app is available on Android 4.4 or higher and iOS 8.0 or higher. Can your training become simpler and certainly more attractive? Definitely! Grounds? First of all – gesture control. All you have to do is move your hand in or out and the treadmill will accelerate or slow down accordingly. However, this is not the end! The first e-treadmill allows you to adjust the speed to your heart rate. And best of all, it will do that alone! All this thanks to the pulse sensor, which is not built into the handles, as is usually the case. This time, a smartband watches over the pulse. You don’t want to train alone? Do you need adrenaline? All you need to do is use the GFit app on your tablet or phone during training and you will be able to train with other users and constantly compete! In the application, you can also choose training plans and the option to control your training posts.

The best training/workout #inSpOKEYstyle

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