Stunt scooter


Stunt scooter Spokey BACKYARD

Feel full freedom and joy! Discover the immersive world of skating with us!

Skating #inSpOKEYstyle

BACKYARD is a professional equipment created for high performance riding. It is perfect for both those who want to start their adventure with scooters and experienced skaters. The durable construction takes your skatepark riding to a higher level! The trick scooter is the perfect tool for making barspins. Spokey scooters are designed for the most demanding users. We know how important quality and safety are during extreme skating, which is why we focus on the strongest materials possible, thanks to which the scooters withstand higher loads that occur during tricks and obstacle riding.

Quality and workmanship

We set high standards for our equipment, which is why we make every effort to use the highest quality materials for its production. We know that it is good to stand out, which is why we pay special attention to refined design.

Spokey scooters are made according to the latest trends, in the most fashionable color versions. 100 mm wheels and high-class bearings (ABEC-9) ensure smooth movement and allow you to achieve high speeds. The wheel size is primarily adapted to extreme skatepark riding. The scooter is also equipped with a foot brake.

Comfort of use

The large, non-slip platform allows comfortable foot positioning and allows you to stand out! With the BACKYARD Spokey stunt scooter, you’ll be ready to ride #inSpOKEYstyle

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