Roller skates Spokey BUFF

Roller skating is fashionable again! Roller skates are a great way to have a daily dose of movement with family, friends or alone. All you need is a park alley, an even pavement, an empty square, a housing estate path – you can ride roller skates almost anywhere, and most of the year. Roller skates are also a great gift idea for all active people – there are no age restrictions. The Buff model has been designed to match this classic equipment to the requirements of modern users.

Production quality(workmanship?) #inSpOKEYstyle

The quality of workmanship translates into quality and skating pleasure. Buff skates have frames made of durable composite, they have optimal wheels for recreational riding – suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. Precisely made ABEC7 bearings allow for smooth rolling of the wheels and comfortable skating. Roller skates have a triple fastening system with a buckle equipped with a special protection to prevent it from loosening.

Design and technology

The Buff roller-skates boots are made in Heelock technology, which consists of a special profiling that prevents heel movement. In addition, a special anatomic insole gives support to the foot and increases comfort. The Buff women’s roller skates model is not only quality and comfort, it is also a great design! The minimalist style is broken by glitter accents and colorful, shiny circles.


adjustable frame: composite
bearings: ABEC5
wheels: 54 x 32 mm PU, 82A
fasteners: two-section buckle, velcro, laces
brake: TPR
max. user weight: 100 kg

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