Convince yourself, how intense and addictive sport speedminton is. Take advantage of the Spokey brand offer and hit the pitch!


Salon game

Speedminton is a sport that combines badminton and squash. The game takes place without a net, with specially designed racket and a special shuttlecock.


Dynamics and emotions

What attracts supporters of speedminton the most is the extraordinary dynamics of this game. Strategy and the ability to predict your opponent’s action play a big role. For people who do not plan to play at a professional level, speedminton is great entertainment during outdoor meetings.


Especially for those who plan to play speedminton outdoor, we have prepared the Spokey BUGY set. Its parameters enable dynamic and precise game.



We set high standards for our equipment, which is why we make every effort to use the highest quality materials for its production.



Rackets for recreational games. Includes 2 rackets, 3 shuttlecocks and a cover.


In set: 2 rackets, 3 fast shuttlecock, cover
Material (racket): aluminium
Material (shuttlecock): nylon
Length of the racket: 59 cm
Weight of the racket: 180-185 g
Characteristics: strong pull
Handle: plastic

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