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Create your home gym with us. Spokey equipment will help you take care of your shape, sculpt your figure and develop healthy habits.

Light fitness?

In building form, both aerobic exercise and the use of light fitness equipment such as dumbbells, weights, twisters, and exercise mats. With these products, you can enrich your workout by engaging muscles that are not used on a daily basis.

Carefully selecting accessories, such as non-slip mats and rollers, is key for ensuring exercise comfort and safety.

Before starting training,  you should set yourself a goal which is realistic for your current physical shape, age, and health. Remember! To achieve the best results, exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. If you feel poorly at any time during your workout, stop.

Results of training with weights

Using weight intensifies training, stimulates muscle activity, and helps to better activate various areas of the body. Exercise should begin with a lower weight, adding more weight as fitness improves.

A set of Velcro exercise weights Spokey  Com Form IV is the equipment that optimally complements your workout. A lot of exercise can be done with these weights, thus activating many muscle groups.

dumbbell1   QUALITY

We place high demands on our equipment, so we make every effort to use the highest quality materials.

The Com Form IV weights designed in a way to look perfectly in your home gym. To make the weights easily distinguished, each set was marked with a different energetic colour.


dumbbell1   CONVENIENCE

The Velcro fastening in the weights provides comfortable and stable attachment during the workout.

Thanks to sand fill, the weights are elastic enough to easily adjust to shape of a particular body part (wrist, ankle).

The set consists of two weights of identical weight. This allows you to do the workout holding them in both hands, or increase its intensity by turning both weights to one hand.

The availability in different weights allows the user to choose the optimal weight adjusted to their own training aims.


dumbbell1   TECHNOLOGY

The tinner layer is neoprene which properties additionally influence the body activity– by raising the body temperature, they improve blood circulation.

The Velcro fastening is one of the most durable attachment. Correctly fastened it is very reliable.



The dumbbells are intended for fitness trainings, aerobics, jogging and all-embracing exercise and rehabilitation.

The dumbbells are designed to strengthen the muscle groups of upper body part, most of all arms.



Arm muscles and the muscles of the shoulder girdle, back muscles and abdominal muscles


material: neoprene
specially profiled wrist weights
anatomic thumb opening stabilising the load and ensuring that exercises are performed correctly
scales: 0,5 kg, 1kg, 1,5 kg

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