Fitness gloves




The fitness gloves Faneg protect hands against grazing and provide a firm grip.  

dumbbell1   QUALITY

We place high demands on our equipment, so we make every effort to use the highest quality materials.


dumbbell1   CONVENIENCE

The gloves have been made from pleasant to the touch materials (a combination of leather and polyester), what significantly improves the comfort of use.

To protect hands from grazing, the gloves have soft foam cushioning placed on the inner side of the glove.

The gloves are equipped with special loops making easy to remove.

The Faneg model is available in variuos sizes, optimal adjustment is provided by an adjustable Velcro fastening.


dumbbell1   TECHNOLOGY

The gloves have been made from pleasant to the touch and durable materials, and the Velcro fastening guarantees the best performance of the fastening.



M (hand perimeter: 20-22 cm)

L (hand perimeter: 22-24 cm)

XL (hand perimeter: 24-26 cm)



For both gym and fitness workout.


material: 75% leather, 20% elastane, 5% polyester
sizes: M-XL
unbranded product
wide wrist strap

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