Spokey RUBBY massage pillow:

  • perfectly relaxes tense muscles and accelerates their regeneration,
  • has as many as 8 massage points located on two heads that rotate in two directions,
  • it is equipped with a light heating function that increases the effects of massage.

Tense muscles? Relax and unwind them using the Spokey RUBBY massage pillow. It is a multifunctional device that will soothe pain and get rid of muscle tension after a hard day or training, but also help release the feeling of discomfort that often occurs after spending many hours in one position, e.g. sitting. The use of a massage pillow will keep your muscles in perfect shape. Without a doubt, it will become your favorite home relaxation device.

Ultra-pleasant massage with light heating function

The Spokey RUBBY massage pillow has 2 massage heads working in opposite directions, on which there are 8 massage points. Thanks to this, it is perfect for every muscle part of the body. What’s more, RUBBY is equipped with a light heating function, which further enhances the massage results, providing the muscles with a pleasant and at the same time soothing thermal effect.

Effective, compact and multi-purpose massage pillow

Using a massage pillow before and after exercises accelerates muscle regeneration, which radically changes every workout. RUBBY is extremely easy to use, and at the same time extremely ergonomic and compact. It does not take up unnecessary space and it is convenient to transport with the handle made of an elastic band.


light heating function
timer (15 minutes of work)
2 heads and 8 massage points
two massage directions
comfortable handle made of elastic tape

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