Create your home gym with us. The equipment offered by Spokey will help you stay fit, sculpt your figure and develop healthy habits.


Light fitness?

While building form, an important factor is performing aerobic exercises and using broadly understood light fitness equipment, which includes, among others dumbbells and weights, twisters, rubbers. Thanks to these products, you can diversify your training by engaging muscle parts that are not used on a daily basis.

Properly selected accessories have a key impact on comfort and safety of your training – among others non-slip mats and rollers.’

Before starting training, it is worth setting a realistic goal appropriate to your current form, age and state of health. Remember! To achieve your dream results, exercise regularly and eat healthy food.If you feel unwell at any time during training – stop it.

The Spokey SHAPER1 expansion bar is an equipment that allows you to perform a variety of strengthening and stretching exercises.





We set high standards for our equipment, which is why we make every effort to use the highest quality materials for its production.



The bar has been partly covered with foam (in places where it is most convenient to grasp it), which makes training comfortable.



To strengthen the safety effect, the bar adjusting is reinforced with a screw. The frames are protected by special rubber ends.

Thanks to the adjustment, the rod can be adapted to frames from 62 to 100 cm wide.



The bar is intended for exercising at home.



Hand muscles



Shoulder muscles

Stomach muscles


Material: chrome steel
PE foam in the place of handle
Rubber ending
Fastened with screws
Width adjustment: 62-100 cm

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