7 panels – 7 strategically located protection zones.

3D mesh – three-dimension mesh which additionally absorbs hits.

EVA foam – EVA foam with excellent absorption qualities dampens the hit force.

4WS – four way stretching fabric which ensures comfort and freedom of movements.

Non-slip cuff – silicon elements prevent moving and riding up of your pant legs.


protective shorts for extreme sports amateurs
7 protective panels of strategic locations, made of EVA foam with additional layer of 3D net
ensure protection for hips, sacrum-coccyx, thighs and buttocks
velcro-isntalled PP shell, ensuring higher level of protection for sacrum and coccyx
elastic material ensurens good fitting and freedom movements, while 4-side directed 3WS net minimizes sweating
anti-slippery cuffs of legs protect against slipping down
packing: 12 pcs/carton
Size: S - XL

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