Feel complete freedom and joy. Get to know the fascinating skating world with us!

Many faces of skating
Skating is mostly associated with competitive ride (inline skating, riding a scooter, and skateboarding). Persons looking for other types of activity will also find something for themselves:  from recreational skating to field and fast skating.

Safety first
Skating is accompanied by unusual emotions, but it’s worth remembering about your own and your children’s safety. To minimize the risk of scrapes and injuries, one should always remember to wear proper protectors. A helmet protecting head is especially important. Remember to check it before each use and to fasten it correctly!

Helmet Spokey Spectro was designed for those who care about their safety. Made of light materials. CE certificate, conforms to EN 1078 norm.      


We set high requirements for our equipment, therefore we make every effort to use the highest quality materials to manufacture the products.

We know it is good to stand out and that is why we put special emphasis on the original and refined design. Our helmets are manufactured in line with state-of-the-art trends and in the most fashionable colour versions.



A precise Head adjustment system enabling to optimally match the helmet’s size to the user’s needs was used in Spokey helmets.

The model is equipped with a protruding peak, providing extra protection of the forehead and the back of the head.

The helmet was made of light material. Low weight ensures comfort during physical activity.



The helmet was equipped with 21 ventilation holes which effectively carry away the excessive heat during very intensive physical effort.

The use of a buckle makes it easy to buckle and unbuckle the helmet without the need to loosen the straps.



Inline skating, ice skating, roller skating and skateboarding.

Light Weight & In-Mold technology helmet. The In-Mold technology is a permanent connection of polycarbonate coatings with the EPS construction of the helmet. It allows you to design more ventilation holes and reduce the weight of the helmet, while maintaining its strength.

System HeadLock facilitates adjusting the helmet to head size.

Protecting layer absorbs energy during impact.

Safe clip helps to fasten and unfasten helmet.


Strips blockade – permanent regulation of length and proportion of stripes.



Head Lock adjusting
Excellent protection the forehead and occipital area
Quick fastening under the chin
Number of ventilation openings: 21
Outer layer: PC, In-mould
Inner layer: black EPS
Weight: 250 g
certificate: CE, EN 1078

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