Feel complete freedom and joy. Get to know the fascinating skating world with us!

Many faces of skating
Skating is mostly associated with competitive ride (inline skating, riding a scooter, and skateboarding). Persons looking for other types of activity will also find something for themselves:  from recreational skating to field and fast skating.

Scooter for everyone

Once associated with a children’s toy, the scooter has been winning the hearts of adult users for years. It proves well mostly as a means of transport on jammed streets, allowing to gain advantage over cars. You can also revel on your scooter in the park.

Special three-wheel versions were designed for children who are starting their sports adventure. They improve the ability to keep your balance and help to develop motor coordination.

Scooter Spokey Sting is designed for those looking for alternative means of transport, planning recreational scooter riding. 

We set high requirements for our equipment, therefore we make every effort to use the highest quality materials to manufacture the products.

We know it is good to stand out and that is why we put special emphasis on the original and refined design. Our scooters are manufactured in line with state-of-the-art trends and in the most fashionable colour versions.



Big wheels (200 mm) and highest class bearings (ABEC9 ) ensure smoothness of movement and allow you to reach high speeds.

The wheels  have been made of rubber which absorbs part of the vibrations resulting from riding on an uneven surface.

The scooter is equipped with a foot brake enabling to adjust the riding speed to the existing conditions and a mudguard and toe enabling its comfortable “parking” at any place.



Adjustment of the handlebar’s column allows to adapt the scooter’s height to the user’s height.

Folding option enables comfortable transport and storage of the scooter.

Big anti-slip deck with a graphic allows to place your foot in a comfortable position.




Recreational ride, riding in the city and in the park.

Bearings made of carbon steel. ABEC 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 is a scale defining the precision, with which the bearings have been made, which determines the smoothness of the rolling and the reached speed.

Scooter with front / rear shock absorption. Thanks to full amortization, driving comfort will be greater than ever before.


wheels: 200mm, PU
bearings: ABEC9
material: 80 % aluminium + steel front fork and friction brake
shock absorption: front and rear
antisliding platform with graphic covering
max. height of the handlebars: 104 cm (to the floor), min. height: 89 cm (to the floor), counted from the platform: max. 92 cm, min. 78 cm
deck: 46 x 13,5 cm
foot break
rubber hand grips
weight: 5,5 kg
max rider weight: 100 kg
standard EN 14619

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