Extreme conditions and your comfort were our challenge. As a result, we created technologically advanced thermal clothes.

DRYMOOV material – the highest-quality polyamide yarn with multifilament fibers. Flexible and resistant, it provides proper ventilation and protection from cold and unfavorable conditions.

The underwear is made with the seamless technology. It is based on the body thermal imaging system in the areas of excessive sweating: the material has a limited structure which allows more efficient moisture extraction. On the other hand, the areas vulnerable to hypothermia have a higher weight.

The collection was created for active women and men exposed to severe weather conditions (such as temperature, wind or humidity). Its main task is to effectively support the natural biological process of body thermoregulation, which is responsible for maintaining the optimal heat comfort of our bodies.




fabric: drymoov
composition: 58% poliamide, 33% polypropylene, 8% elastane, 1% polyester
size: M/L, XL/XXL

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