The electric scooter is a hit of this season! It is no accident that the popularity of two-wheelers is constantly growing. A scooter that allows quick movement in a crowded city is an ideal alternative to public transport or a bicycle – it allows you to bypass all crowded places, and thanks to it you can get anywhere you do not get by other public transport.


Maximum range: 30 km / h
Maximum speed: 25 km / h
Maximum user weight: 120 kg
Front wheel size: 30.5 cm
Rear wheel size: 25.4 cm
Battery capacity: 7.8 Ah
Battery type: Lithium
Charging time: 3-4 hours
Motor power: 250 W
Scooter weight: 13.75 kg
Scooter dimensions: 95 x 49 x 95 cm
Brake type: disc, mechanical
Folded size: 95 x 23 x 73 cm

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