We like following trends. One can easily notice that what’s’ become the latest trend among sport disciplines is Nordic Walking – seemingly a piece of cake, after all, what difficulties can you face when walking with poles? It turns out, however, that it’s not about just strolling.


Nordic Walking is a sport discipline based on marching and it is practiced with the use of poles, which determine the moving technique. The use of poles makes the workout much more effective than you could think. It’s somewhat similar to cross-country skiing, but without the skis. In order to do it the right way, you need adequate knowledge and preparation.


Before you make your first “steps”, it’s a good idea to learn what benefits this sport has to offer, so that you don’t hesitate too much 🙂

Exercising with poles:

  1. Improves your physical fitness and stamina
  2. Relieves joints
  3. Is less tiring
  4. Activates upper body parts
  5. Boosts weight loss
  6. Is perfect for everyone, including the elderly and overweight, who have trouble moving
  7. Increases endorphins production – IT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD!