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Create your home gym with us. Spokey equipment will help you take care of your shape, sculpt your figure and develop healthy habits.

Light fitness?
In building form, both aerobic exercise and the use of light fitness equipment such as dumbbells, weights, twisters, and exercise mats. With these products, you can enrich your workout by engaging muscles that are not used on a daily basis.

Carefully selecting accessories, such as non-slip mats and rollers, is key for ensuring exercise comfort and safety.

Before starting training,  you should set yourself a goal which is realistic for your current physical shape, age, and health. Remember! To achieve the best results, exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. If you feel poorly at any time during your workout, stop.

Gymnastic balls – inconspicuous and effective
Ball exercises are among the most universal development activities. During training, different parts of the body can be activated, including those that aren’t used every day. This is what makes exercises which appear easy very effective.

Exercises with balls also develop balance, forcing the correct posture. Gymnastic balls can also be used as rehabilitation balls, and as a seat to relax the spine during long hours spent at the office.

The use of a Spokey Fitball III gym ball is a great way to diversify your workout. The exercises with the gym ball engage many body parts, so even these inconspicuous bring tangible results. The gym ball can be used in the office instead of a chair.

dumbbell1   QUALITY

We place high demands on our equipment, so we make every effort to use the highest quality materials.


dumbbell1   CONVENIENCE

The Fitball III gym balls are made from material which reduces slipping. These effect is also enhanced by two belts placed throughout the perimeter of the ball. Thanks to this, the exercises, where the contact with ground is limited, can be done safely (e.g. in plank exercises).

The rehabilitation balls can be an alternative to a chair, used in the office as a comfortable seat, allowing your spine to rest.

The kit includes a handy pump, which can be used to pump the ball easily and fast.


dumbbell1   TECHNOLOGY

In the model Fitball III the Anti-Burst system has been applied which makes that in case the ball is pierced it will release the air gradually It is extremely important from the point of view of the person doing exercise, who is secured with the time to react (he or she can get off the ball).



The gym ball is suitable for exercise at any place and it is recommended for everyone.

It is perfect for exercise at home and rehabilitation.

Its use affects the body shape and physical condition positively and enhanced the reduction of body fat.


anti-burst system - if the ball is punctured the air is released slowly
maximum weight of user: 300 kg
material: pvc
pump in a set

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