Spend time actively. The equipment offered by Spokey will accompany you during mountain treks, camping, city trips. You can also use it while relaxing, on the beach or during a picnic.


Time for hike

Outdoor activities are extremely valuable for health. Marching with sticks – both Nordic Walking, ideal for training in parks or in the city, as well as trekking – recommended for hiking in a more demanding terrain, you not only stimulate the muscles of the whole body to work, but you also oxygenate the body.

Sleep comfort while travelling

During the trip, effective regeneration is extremely important. When deciding to stay in a tent or shelter, it is worth equipping yourself with a comfortable sleeping bag. It will provide a sense of warmth and comfort, and its shape can be selected to suit the user’s preferences.

Mummy-type sleeping bag due to its shape and hood provides the highest thermal comfort, but there is less space for legs. For people who value greater freedom of movement during sleep, the best choice will be an envelope-shaped sleeping bag with a hood. Still another type are sleeping bags – quilts, which can be opened to form a warm cover.


Spokey OUTLAST sleeping bag is a proposition for people who value thermal comfort provided by the hood and great freedom of movement guaranteed by the wide lower part of the sleeping bag.


We set high standards for our equipment, which is why we make every effort to use the highest quality materials for its production.


The sleeping bag has the same width along its entire length. This means mores pace in the lower part, thus the ability to freely change position during sleep.

Thanks to the long zip, entering and leaving the sleeping bag is very convenient.

The use of hollowfibre material, characterized by high elasticity and low heat conduction, provides very good thermal insulation.

The combination of the advantages of a mummy sleeping bag and envelope – the hood prevents heat loss.



Essential during tent or camping trips.


Type: spring-summer
Temperature range: -3/ 15 C
Shape: mummy/envelope
Weight: 1360 g
Dimensions: 220 x 75 cm
Dimensions after folding: 37 x 22 cm
Material: - outer: 210T poliester, -inner: 210T soft microfiber
Filling: hollowfibre, 250 g/m2
Zipper: left or right
Thermal tab along the zip
Packing: compression sack

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