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Many faces of skating
Skating is mostly associated with competitive ride (inline skating, riding a scooter, and skateboarding). Persons looking for other types of activity will also find something for themselves: from recreational and fitness skating, to field and fast skating.

There are many groups of inline skates adapted to user requirements on the market. The most popular – recreational (fitness) inline skates are available in many designs and technical configurations.

Benefits from fitness/recreational inline skating

Fitness inline skating is not only beneficial for your condition but also allows users to have direct contact with nature. Inline skates are a summer equivalent to skates (from spring to autumn both the hockey players and skaters train inline skating), hence the posture and movements are very similar to those during ice skating. Leg and hip muscles work intensively, with simultaneous involvement of back and hand muscles.

Fitness inline skating is beneficial both for persons starting their adventure with inline skates and for those who wish to supplement their competitive training.

Spokey PIKE in-line skates were designed with the most demanding users in mind. Technical parameters were adapted to take most pleasure from inline skating.

We set high requirements for our equipment, therefore we make every effort to use the highest quality materials to manufacture the products.

We know it is good to stand out and that is why we put special emphasis on the original and refined design. Our inline skates are manufactured in line with state-of-the-art trends and in the most fashionable colour versions.


When you choose the inline skates, you should pay special attention to the runner. Pike model offers the aluminium runner, which guarantees durability, with very low weight.

The wheels were made of durable PU material with the diameter of 84 mm and hardness of 82A, which is optimum for recreational inline skating. ABEC11 Chrome bearings guarantee the highest manufacturing precision, good service life and high skating speed.

Triple fastening system: laces, velcro and two-section buckle guarantee not only adjustment to the feet, but – above all – the highest safety level.


A special profiled insert was used in the Pike model. Combined with the soft lining of the shoe, the level of comfort of using the inline skates is considerably increased.

The comfortable and reliable fastening system allows the users to optimally adjust the inline skates to their needs.



Recreational use, fitness (ideal for shaping upper leg and buttock muscles).

Bearings made of chrome steel.

ABEC 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 is a scale defining the precision, with which the bearings have been made, which determines the smoothness  of the rolling and the reached speed. Lager aus verchromter Stahl.

Aluminium alloy skid guarantees optimal endurance with the minimal section and weigth of the skid.

The insert Fitness Air System with increased breathability improves transfer of heat and moisture.

Anatomically-designed insole provides robust support, mainating the highest physical comfort.

An internal shoe with special profile, which prevents heel movements when riding.

EU SIZE  37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46
Length(CM) 23,4 cm 24,2 cm 25 cm 25,8 cm 26,6 cm 27,4 cm 28,2 cm 29 cm 29,8 cm 30,6 cm


frame: aluminium
bearings: ABEC11 Chrome
wheels: 84 mm 82A PU
insole: profiled
fasteners: two-section buckles, velcro, laces
max. user weight: 100 kg

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