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Discover the beauty of the underwater world with us

Special moments

Diving – no matter if amateur or professionally is an exceptional sport. The flora and fauna richness of underwater world can really delight. In order to feel safe and comfortable under water, the equipment should be properly selected: mask, pipe and fins.

Diving masks should be selected individually to the shape of the face. Masks generally come in in one, two,  or three windows: single vision masks with single pane of tempered glass, two windows masks that have two lenses in the front of the mask, joined by nosepiece,  and three-windows masks which consist of a single front pane and two side windows providing a wider view angle (down and to the sides).

Tamuk Camera mask was designed for people who care about perpetuating the experience of the underwater world.



Large glasses guarantee good visibility. Double-windows mask: the glass has been divided into two separate glasses, which reduces significantly the effect of fogging.

The shape of the mask and a comfortable silicone collar guarantee a perfect fit to the face. Adjustable straps allow adaptation of the circuit the individual needs of the user.

The Tamuk Camera mask has been equipped with a special holder for attaching a sports camera. Thanks to it, diving with equipment is much more convenient and safe.



Recreational diving.


lens: tempered glass
collar: silicone
construction: TPU
strap: silicone, double, adjustable
double window - divided glass
camera attachment

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