Sleeping bag



Spend time actively. The equipment offered by Spokey can be your companion during mountain trips, city tours or when you’re camping. You can also use it while relaxing on a beach or picnicking.


Sleeping comfort during travel

During an expedition it is extremely essential to regain strength. When deciding to spend nights in a tent or shelter, it is worth to have a comfortable sleeping bag. It will ensure the feeling of warmth and comfort and its shape can be suited to the user’s preferences.

Because of its shape and hood, a mummy style sleeping bag provides the highest thermal comfort, but there is less space for legs. The best choice for people who value bigger freedom of movement is an envelope hooded sleeping bag. Another type is a duvet sleeping bag, with a possibility to unzip it into a warm cover.

Spokey Toxen II model is a choice for people who value thermal comfort provided by the hood, and big freedom of movement, guaranteed by a wide bottom part of the sleeping bag.  


We set high standards for our equipment, that’s why we make every effort to use only top quality materials for production.



The sleeping bag is equally wide along its length. It means there is more space in the bottom part, thus it is possible to change a position freely while sleeping.

In combination with properly selected materials, parameters have been achieved allowing for a comfortable night on warmer days.

Thanks to a long zip, entering and leaving the sleeping bag is very comfortable. There’s a special thermal flap along the zip, preventing chill from entering through the zip.

There’s a special, small pocket in the sleeping bag to store a phone or valuable items.


The use of Hollowfibre material, which is of high flexibility and low thermal conductivity, ensures very good heat insulation.

A product which can be compressed to small and convenient sizes for storage and transport.

Using universal zippers permits to connect easily two sleeping bags of the same length.





Type: spring
Temperature rating: 3 – 18 C
Shape: mummy/envelope
weight: 1170 g
size: 220 x 75 cm
shell: 190T Poliester
lining: 65% Poliester, 35% cotton
filling: hollowfibre, 200 g/m2
zipper: left or right
thermal strap along the zipper
compression bag

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